Book Repair

Over the years, we have completed many successful book repair projects. Our customers continue to be very pleased with the quality of book repair services we provide as well as our fast turnaround time. Here are just a few testimonials from our many satisfied customers.

Hi Julia, We received the books last week and they look great!!  My husband is soooo happy that I got his book fixed and mine is amazing too!  Thanks for checking and doing such a great job!
~Joanna Templeton

Hi Julia:
I have the Mickey book in my hands and you did a spectacular job!  'm amazed at how good the inside covers which you reproduced look.  And the book is so solid now and to the untrained eye there is no hint of all you had to do.  I'm very pleased and grateful.

~Phil Sears

"Julia, thank you so very much for your work. I have received my mother's Bible on which you replaced the cover. I am very pleased with your work and wanted to let you know. As mentioned previously, this Bible means a great deal to me. I truly appreciate you taking time away from your family to do this wonderful work for me."
~Nancy Hill

"We received our cook book and are pleased with the work you did for us.  It is a special 45th Anniversary memento."
~Frank and Billie Watson

"Just wanted to let you know that my granddaughter was very pleased with her birthday present "American Art & Artists". Great job. Thanks."
~Gus Smyrnos

"The book arrived yesterday - it looks great!  Thank you for taking care of its restoration for us. We know our grandkids and their grandkids will continue to enjoy it"
~Tom Krugman

"Thank you for the magnificent restoration of my Greek-English lexicon! It has a new life now which will last to the end of my life and beyond. You are a true book physician. If I know anyone who needs a book repaired, I will send them to you immediately."
~John Sharp

"I received the books on Wednesday. They look awesome, thank you very much. I showed everyone where I work and they were impressed. I would definitely send them to you in the future. Thank you."
~Bill Pollnow

"Thank you for the beautiful work. The Bible arrived safely and looks wonderful! Thanks again. I'm thrilled!"
~Andy Steel

"My sister received the book (they were gone for their 50th anniversary) and she was very happy with the results. She sent a picture to me, and it looks wonderful."
~Sharon Groene

"Everyone at the lodge is very appreciative of the repair of the lodge Bible. They think it looks terrific and are taking the appropiate steps to prevent the same type of damage from happening in the future. Again thanks!"
~Lyle Personette

More Testimonials

I am so happy with the books you repaired for me.  Thanks so much.
~Ray King

I believe it was around 12 months ago, but it could have been 24 months ago, you repaired my Bible for me and I wanted to let you know that it is holding up very good and I continue to be happy with the work you did.  Thanks.
~Scott Stonecipher

"I wanted to take a moment to write to you and thank you again for the wonderful job you did with my father's service record book. It has become a precious family heirloom and thanks to you, it will last many more years. My father is getting on in years now and he treasures that book very dearly. He was just 21 years old back in 1943 when he enlisted in the Navy and was sent out to the Pacific in the time to participate in the operations at Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Later he served in Japan during the occupation and later went on to serve in Korea. He met my mother in Japan and married her a few years later and then my sister Dorothy came along. After he was transferred back here to the States I came along and when I was three years old he retired from active duty. He served a total of twenty years of active duty and ten years in the reserves and later went to work for the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank for the next twenty seven years.

He's eighty-two years old now and his health is ever so gradually failing so you don't know how precious that book is to him. It was not my intention to tell you his life history when I began this note but I just wanted you to know a little bit about the person that you repaired the book for so lovingly and how much it is valued and appreciated.

Thank you once again for the wonderful work that you have done."
~Jim Olson

"I am very pleased with the repair. I can once again use the Bible without great fear it will "come apart at the seams." It was a good value for me to have you do the rebinding. If I can be of any more assistance, please do not hesitate to ask."
~Dave Kennedy

"I am very happy with the job you did. In fact, I show off your work whenever I can. Before I was afraid to just hold the book, now I can basically read it and handle it like any new book. Thank you for a job well done."
~Bob Howard

"It was awesome. He was delighted with his gift! nicely done, thank you!!"
~Pam Henker

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